Sziget Festival reloaded

The Sziget Music Festival, on Óbudai Island, was held this year August 5-12. The largest of all Hungarian music festivals has now spread over 250 acres on this normally-quiet island in the north of Budapest.

The Sziget Music Festival is now in its 21st year, and hosted more than 400,000 fans. It has become known as a sort of  "Eurowoodstock".

 The program this year was as mixed as ever with everything from heavy metal to world music, presented on a range of stages, set in woody glades and fields across the 250 acres of this island in the north of the city, formerly devoted to boat-building.

The main stages this year include:

  1. A38 Stage
  2. Arena
  3. Pop-rock Main Stage
  4. OTP World Music Stage
  5. Hungarian Main Stage

But those are just the MAIN stages, there were also no less than 18 other music venues, mostly dance tents, but almost all with live music. In addtion to all this, there was the normal range of information desks, attractions, bars, and eateries beyond mention.

Even just for a daily ticket, it is worth seeing the extravaganza that Sziget has become!