The City of Kings

Székesfehérvár developed a QR codes for the must-see sights in the city. Get all the info about the sights on the spot!

Sightseeing for cellular phones in the city of Székesfehérvár

Székesfehérvár is one of the most important historic towns in Hungary, and one of the most ancient cities in Europe. In old times it was a royal seat, where 43 hungarian kings were crowned until 1526 and 15 kings were buried until 1540.

Nowadays, the former Alba Regia is an internationally recognized centre for industry and tourism. Now short descriptions of sights are avaliable for the visitors with the help of cellular phones.

If you haven't got the necessary application already installed, please download a QR-code reader to your cellular phone. Then start discovering the thousand-year-old city, and find 38 interesting spots where QR-codes, similar to the one at the bottom of this page, are placed. The QR-code reader application recognises the codes and brings up the necessary information. So, in a matter of moments you can read about where you are, and what the building, statue or munument you're seeing is fameous for.

Sightseeing spots:
"Arpad" Spa
"Bory" Castle
"King Saint Stephen" Museum
"Mujkó", the Jester
"St. Imre" Chuch
"Vörösmarty" Theatre
"Zichy" Park
„Black Eagle" Museum of Pharmacy
„Prohászka" Church
„Salt Lake" Path
1956 Memorial Cross
Bishop's Palace
Budenz House - Ybl Collection
Cistercian Church
Clockwork of Hungarian History
County Hall
Csitáry Fountain
Floral Clock
Garden of Ruins – National Memorial Place
Golden Bull Memorial
Hiemer House
Hotel "Hungarian King"
Monument of King Matthias
Monument of the 10th Cavalry Regiment ("Hussars")
Municipal Gallery - "Deák" Collection
Outdoor Village Museum of "Palotaváros"
Serbian Church
St. Anne's Chapel
St. Stephen Basilica
Statue of "Aunt Kati"
Statue of "Grand Prince Géza"
Statue of "Prince Imre"
The House with God's Eye
The Orb
The Soldier
Town Hall
Toy Museum
World War II Memorial

For this sightseeing adventure you need a cellular phone equipped with a camera and internet connection. Produced by: Major's Office of Székesfehérvár, in the St. Stephen's Memorial Year.