Tourism and Health Tourism in Hungary

The Hungarian Tourism Ltd. the national tourist organisation (NTO) being responsible for international and domestic marketing of Hungary as a tourism destination regularly analyses market information.

In this document we provide a number of sources in English, some basic information on the available tourism statistics and a list of sources of more detailed information available at the moment only in Hungarian.

The Research Department of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. uses officially published figures of international organisations and the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO).


1.1. Methodology

The HCSO has two main types of data collection for tourism:

  • supply side: public accommodation establishments' (hotels, boarding houses, bungalows, community hostels and camping sites) data (arrivals and overnights of guests, etc.);
  • demand side: visitor surveys:
  • international visitor survey (total arrivals, transit passengers, tourists; nights; expenditure; motivations in detail; transportation [road/air]; etc.),
  • domestic tourism survey (number of overnight trips; nights; spending; motivations in detail; expenditure; etc.)
  • survey of Hungarian travelling abroad (number of trips; nights; spending; motivations in detail; expenditure; etc.)

Public accommodation establishments

Data on public accommodation establishments' arrivals and overnights are published monthly, two month after the discussed period. These are official preliminary data. Final official data are published once a year until September of next year.

Since 2013 HCSO does not publish public accommodation establishments' on settlement level/source market data (preliminary figures) under 1000 overnights, data between 1000–5000 overnights (preliminary figures) are published as data with limited reliability.

In HCSO's statistics a spa hotel is a hotel facility which complies with the hotel standards, furthermore provides its patients with possibilities of therapy under medical control using mainly natural healing resources at its own medical facilities or in cooperation with medical institutes, and it complies with the EüM (Ministry of Health) Ministerial Decree 74/1999 (XII.25.).

Since July of 2012 HCSO publishes data of those operating spa hotels which are registered at the Public Health Department of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer.

In HCSO's statistics a wellness hotel is a hotel facility which complies with the hotel standards of minimum 3*, the hotel is operated and managed by properly trained and certified staff, provides gastronomic, sport, relaxation and wellness services suitable for healthy living.

Visitor surveys

In HCSO's international visitor survey those markets with sample size N<50 data are not reliable.

1.2. Information sources

Statistical data with English headings are available at the official sites of HCSO.

Publications in English regarding inbound tourists (and their motivation) are to be found at the tourism pages and the publication repertory of HCSO.

For further statistical information please get in touch with HCSO.

Mr. Péter SZABÓ
Head of Department
Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Phone: (+36-1) 345-6820
Fax: (+36-1) 345-8635
E-mail: Peter.Szabo[at]

Using the HCSO's figures the Research Department of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. publishes its annual statistical publication titled ‘Tourism in Hungary'. The short summary includes general information on Hungary, arrivals and overnights figures of public accommodation establishments and hotels according to regions and source markets, furthermore data on Hungarian inbound tourists' motivation, and the travelling behaviour of Hungarians. A short section focuses on health tourism and MICE tourism.

The Research Department has prepared a report on Main Indicators of Hungarian Tourism, 2007–2012, with a special focus on tourists arriving by air to Hungary. The document provides information on tourist arrivals and their spending in Hungary and overnights at public accommodation establishments in Hungary and in Budapest.

Beside the HCSO's data the Research Department of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. regularly monitors data of international organizations.

The World Tourism Barometer of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is published 3 times a year. A public excerpt is available at the pages of UNWTO.

The European Travel Commission (ETC), association of 33 European countries' national marketing organisations being responsible for overseas marketing of Europe as a tourism destination has a rather strong market research activity through its Market Intelligence Group (comprising the researcher units of the member national tourist offices) and its Research and Development Department. One of its projects is a quarterly report on tourism and economic trends (The European Tourism – Trends and Prospects).

Basic tourism data of ETC member countries (Hungary included) are found in the free international tourism database, TourMIS.

The Research Department of the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. summarizes all this market information in its Marketing Plan. The Excerpt of Marketing Plan for 2013 is published in English and also you can find the excerpt of National Tourism Marketing Plan for 2014 in English.

The actual trend analysis for the year 2012 and 2013 of the Marketing Plan for 2014 is published only in Hungarian.

The chapter on health tourism of this latter document in English is here.

A general introduction to Health Tourism in Hungary and a short presentation on changes in the demand and the supply side of the Hungarian health tourism furthermore a Practical Guide to Health Tourism in Hungary give a short summary of Hungary's health tourism supply and useful contact information, prepared by the Product Management Department of Hungarian Tourism Ltd. 



The New Széchenyi Plan defines the main areas of the current and future developments (in Hungarian).

One of the prioritized areas is the health industry, health tourism included (in Hungarian).

The last tourism related development strategies were relevant for the years 2007–2013.

On of those was the National strategy for the development of health tourism (2007–2013), which can be read in Hungarian.

It is worth to check out the English publications of National Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines (GYEMSZI), Directorate General of IT and Health System Analysis.

Please note that the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. does not take responsibility for business decisions made on the basis of the data provided.