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A selection of blog posts, web diaries and testimonials about real tourists trips to Hungary, all in their own words. Not sure what to expect from your trip? Here we provide links to a number of real-life stories that people have written on various amateur blog pages and websites, about their first-hand experiences.

Party Central:
First off, here are some short descriptions* of short fun trips, often as part of an inter railing or gap year adventure.

No Money, will Travel: A taste of Hungary
Canadian teen-traveler Andrea is fearlessly exploring the world, "living her way through it" if you will. She really got her teeth into the essence of Hungary on a culinary tour from Taste of Hungary. The tour, and the great food and a little hungarian liquor seemed to go down well.

Portuguese traveller Joao left for a two month trip across Europe and is still going 6 months later! Check out his very professional-looking photo record of his time(s) in our fair capital, entitled "7 reasons why I miss Budapest"  tip: the food, the nightlife, and unusually, the fact that you can walk a lot of the capital, are all part of the reason.

Shahar Peter and the team at WowTravel put together a very attractive mini-guide to Budapest with lots of great pics and 10 highlighted points on a convenient google map and lots of handy hints, based on their own travels.


Macca Sherifi
is a fairly serious amateur blogger, as he is also the travel editor of This shows in his excellent writing skills and witty observations. He explains what was worth seeing in Budapest, which tours he enjoyed and debates the idea of going naked in public, (a public unisex bath, that is.)


from California  wrote a good featured account of a typical 3-day trip to Budapest for 2 on the travellers' community Travbuddy. There are 8 images to illustrate the sights they saw. Budapest was a successful, if tiring part of a 2-week trip through 6 capitals by rail. Despite chilly weather, they managed to see a good few major sights like Buda Castle and Heroes' Square and even managed a little street shopping.

British long-term travel blogger Lauren tells how perceptions can change. While not immediately enamoured with Budapest on her fist visit, she explains why this was, and what aspects of the city eventually won her over the second time around. She also visited Northern Eger and Balatonlelle by Lake Balaton, with mixed views. See for yourself what she thought.

Blogger Robert Schrader writes the amusing "Leave your daily hell" travelogue. He had a 3 hour stopover between trains in Budapest. Did he sensibly rest and recuperate in the station area? Did he heck. Read all about how far he got in "my 3 hours in Budapest"


Traveller Harry Held from St Louis, Missouri, USA, was kind enough to pass on his warm-natured comments directly via email. In his own words:"I visited your lovely city this past October.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my visit to your beautiful city.
I have visited 16 countries in Europe before.  I do not normally take the extra time to comment on my visits.  Maybe it is because I am getting older - but I was very impressed with the friendly people not only at my hotel, but everywhere else as well - on the streets, The Metro, The Shops and Stores....everyone was extremely helpful and polite.  I was happy to find that many were  very interested in sharing conversation. This made me feel like I was at home.
I just wanted to express my thoughts.  The people and the entire city of Budapest were very impressive." Thanks for the praise!

In a slightly longer version of the same idea, Kathy Meresz walks us through 48 hours in Budapest in gap adventure's looptail blog. Kathy enthuses about the various Turkish baths and breaks down what she got up to in the first and second set of 24 hours, in including massages, meals and sights.



Mismatched Passports make for a love story with Budapest
Seasoned travellers Gia (The Philippines) and Jon (New Zealand) seem to have had a fantastic time in Budapest. Engineer Gia got a kick out of all the bridges and the ease of access and closeness of all the city's sights was a boon. Will the great food, the ruin bars and the overall beauty of the city  be enough to tempt them back for another visit one day?  We hope so!



Long-time residents:
For a different, deeper perspective, here are a few blogs from English speakers who live here or stayed here for an extended period:

An American in Budapest
:  Phil Done gave up teaching In California in 2000 and moved to the land of the Magyars with zero knowledge of Hungary or Hungarian. All that has changed in the years he has been happily filling the heads of 3rd graders. With humility and an eye for detail, he provides great snapshots of life in the "Paris of the East". In this entry, "A weekend in Budapest", Phil describes the top 10 (or 13) sights he suggests to friends.


Another American Teacher, Jennifer also has a lot to say in her Great Escape Blog. She writes beautifully about many sights of Budapest, Balaton and a plethora of other places in Hungary.




Out and about in Hungary

Brian Jones, a British photographer provides a great set of images beautifully documenting his slow-pace discovery of Budapest. Interestingly, he gave up UK city life to move with his wife to live a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle in a peasant house near Debrecen on Hungary's Great Plain. Check out his blog for great rural images of the Hungarian Puszta and spas in Hungary.


If you have written a balanced and publishable blog or record of your trip to Hungary, do contact us with the subject "tell us about it"!

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