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Looking for ideas about what to do in Budapest and Hungary, but want some hard info from an idependent and reliable source? Bookmark this page! Here are a collection of articles by journalists and travel writers for various newspapers, magazines and online articles.

The Independent: "Budapest Travel Tips: Where to go and what to see in 48 hours" (2014.09.25)
Susan Grifith explains how to get the most out of a 2-night Autumn trip to Budapest. There are potted tips on ruin bars, and where to get the best cream cakes and souvenirs. 

"Budapest a historic blend" (2014.06.19)
Irene S. Levine of the Chicago Tribune recounts a 3-day stay in Budapest with an accent on discovering the foodie delights, both modern and traditional, of this wonderful, eclectic city. (see also Irene's article in blog format

12 Things you should try in Budapest that won't be in your Guidebook." by Buzzfeed (July 2014.)
The title says it all. Here are 12 high points of a capital city trip. Actually 10, as the last 2 are too time-specific for most people, and the Ferris Wheel is there in the summer only. We love the Escape games and Festivals though.

Huffington Post: "8 Shoreside attractions in Budapest" (2013.11.05)
A good summary of a small number of attractions, such as the iconic Parliament, the Bridges of Budapest and the Buda Castle, but also mentioning the lesser-known monument - the shoes comemorating Jews killed in the Nazi era, and the National Theatre. A very snazzy slide-show is also included.

CNN Travel: "Budapest's Best Ruin Bars" (2013.10.24)
CNN's Mary Novakovich explains the history of this phenomenon, details the range of people they appeal to, the food on offer and and names the most famous bars. Do check out our own thoughts on ruin bars too!

Fox News, USA: "Top five things to do in Budapest" (2012.12.30)
The american news channel!s travel desk love the Spa Culture, the UNESCO-listed Buda Castle and nearby Chain Bridge, the imposing statues at Heroes' Square and the Great Synagoge of Budapest.



Lonely Planet "The world's hottest cool places" (2011.11.10)
Tom Hall features the numerous and excellent thermal spas of Budapest. We thought it a crying shame that he  missed out one more similar attraction in the south of the country,  the massive thermal lake at Hévíz (the largest bathing thermal in the world, at 44 hectares), so we mention it now.

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