Hear all about Hungary with podcasts

In this modern age, we can access information in a multitude of ways. If you like to listen to the radio or audio books, do consider this: there are a number of websites that publish interviews about Hungary in audio format, so you can get warmed up for your visit by listening to your computer, smart phone or even Ipod.

Follow the links below to listen and discover more about Budapest and Hungary with:

Travel with Rick Steves
Rick Steves is a travel guru from the USA. He inspires Americans to get moving and see the world and moreover to get off the tourist trail and include at least a little adventure and ad-hoc discovery in their travels. You may have seen some of the "Travel with Rick Steves" TV shows on Channel PBS or You Tube, such as the Best of Budapest Series, in which Rick guides you through what to see and what to eat in Hungary's Capital. In this sound file, though, Rick conducts a lengthy interview with two Hungarian guides, Levente and Etelke on subjects as varied as 1956, pop music and the secret of good Goulash. It was recorded as a live radio show, so there is also a phone-in question and answer section.

Podcast Budapest
Not so much a tourist's view of Budapest, but rather a window into normal city living and cultural life in the capital. Brandon's relaxed attitude shines through, not just in his voice, but also in his choice of interview guests. A mixture of Hungarians and non-Hungarians involved in the creative arts, such as musicians, artisans and even a tattoo artist. Tune in and hear about the intricacies of coffee, beer, music and life in Budapest.

The velvet-voiced Drew Leifheit, often going under the name of Uncle Drew, takes us gently by the ear and leads us through a series of discussions and interviews, presented in a blog format on a huge range of subjects. Some of our favourite include Hungarian comfort food and Cabs and Cabernet.

Our vocalists are not limited to Podcasts either. One tourist, David Finney, wrote a dramatic song about Budapest and its recent history. He has permitted us to share it with you here, so enjoy "Budapest" by Bewlay Brothers.(Copyright: David Finney, featuring arrangement and production by Trevor Williams.)

If you prefer to discover Hungary in more wierd and wonderful ways, consider the following: