Although the Great Plains are the driest and sunniest part of the country, there are plenty of spa cities here where you can soak, splash, and heal.

Town of Gyula (pron. d-yoola) is located i nthe south-east corner of Hungary.

Lying on 8,5 hectars, the Gyula Castle Spa has everything you can imagine – completely renovated modern sport swimming hall, kid's pool, wellness centre.

One of the most beautiful spas in Hungary, Gyula Castle Spa was built with spectacular views in mind. So when you soak in the brownish mineral-rich medicinal water that heals your joints and painful muscles, admire the panorama of colourful flowers and ancient trees in the surrounding park.

Beside the spa, Gyula is also beloved for its award winner pálinkas and sausages both called Gyulai.