About spas of Hungary

If you are looking to combine a rich cultural experience with medical, health or wellness treatments, then Hungary is the destination that suits you best.

The waters of Hungary come with a magic touch; so drink them, splash around in them, soak in them, and fall in love with them. How do the waters of Hungary improve your heath and well being? First of all, the medical effects of our thermal waters are unmatched in the world. You're not only spoilt for choice regardless of your budget, but it's also likely that whatever your ailment, there's a remedy for it in one of Hungary's spas. And what better way is there to heal than naturally?

It's not only the medicinal thermal waters that make your healing holiday worthwhile. Medical training in Hungary is world class. One fourth of medical students at Hungarian universities come from abroad, and many Hungarian specialists teach and practice internationally. Thus you can rest assured that a good standard of English is spoken at all private clinics. Being only a two and a half hours' flight away from the UK and with the lowest MRSA rates in Europe, Hungary is a practical choice for your healthcare holiday abroad. 

They say good health is priceless. In Hungary though, getting fit and fab, relaxed and radiant comes at a price. A price that you'll find really low for the outstanding expertise and quality of treatments you'll receive. You can save up to 70% on your healthcare costs at home, especially on dentistry and surgery.

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