Hungary will treat you well

Hungary is easily accessed by low-cost airlines from all over Europe. With the lowest MRSA rates in the continent, Hungary is a practical choice for your healthcare holiday abroad.

Hungary's rich traditions of thermal baths and balneotherapy, the excellent and comprehensive training that medical professionals receive, and the price/value ratio of treatments have made the country a growing medical tourism destination.

The most popular treatments and procedures amongst international patients are dentistry, dermatology and aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation, obesity treatments, IVF, manager check-up examinations and eye surgery in general and ocular implantation, in particular.

The EU directive on cross-border healthcare (effective from 2013) clarifies and expands the rights of patients who seek healthcare in another member state. Patients will not only be allowed to receive healthcare in other member states, but will also be reimbursed up to the level of costs of the treatment at home. Also, each country must establish at least one national contact point for patients to get information about health providers, reimbursement procedures, and, when prior authorisation is needed.

Hungary has a number of accreditation and license schemes applying to its institutions, such as the domestic accreditation schemes from the Hungarian Ministry of Health, and the National Health Commission and Medical Service. Most of the facilities are also recognized by the Care Quality Commission in the UK and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).