Skiing in Hungary

Well, Hungary isn't famous for its ski courses but if you are not an expert just want to slide some rounds or have some fun in the snow you will surely find a place for you.

Here we give you a brief list of places where skiing is possible and you can enjoy winter sports:

Nordica Ski Arena
You will find this place west to Budapest and north from Lake Balaton in the Bakony Hills. They have the longest ski trail in Hungary beside sledge courses, equipment rental, restaurant, and instructors.

1014 Kékes Hilltop Ski Center
On the highest peak of Hungary in the Mátra Hills, northeast from Budapest you will find very scenic ski trails of Kékes. They offer 8 courses, night skiing, guest-houses, and restaurant. If you are already there, don't miss out the view from the look-out tower of Kékes.

Bánkút Ski Center
In Northern Hungary, east from Kékes, there's another 8- trail ski complex waiting for you. Also offers night skiing, restaurants, equipment rental, repair shop, hiking routes.

Dobogókő Ski Center
Close to Budapest, on Dobogókő, a small but nice ski center offers you two easy courses to slide on. Naturally there's also accommodation, restaurant, equipment rental, hiking routes.

Mátraszentistván Ski Park
Also in the Mátra Hills, this ski park has 8 trails, a fun park with obstacles and jumps, a snowtubing course, snow bike rental, night skiing, accommodation, restaurant, and equipment rental. (pr. matra-saint-isht-wan)

Nagyvillám Ski Course
This place is perfect for families and children with its easy trails. You can enjoy the view to the Danube River while sliding down on one of the 4 courses.  (pr. nad-will-lamm)

There are a few other small ski trails, and cross-country ski trials in the country, so it's sure you don't have to travel across the country to enjoy skiing if there's plenty of snow. After the skiing we kindly recommend you to visit a spa in your area. A perfect thing to do after an outdoor activity.