Young Artists of the Stage in Budapest

A few days ago, (July 9th 2014) a pair of pint-sized pianists took to the stage in a very grown up setting here in Budapest. Billed as the "Young Artists of the Stage," the two music students , 12-year old Grace Dong of Canada and 12-year old Jonathan Tsui of Hong Kong, gave an amazingly proficient and adult performance at the Hungarian Institute of Musicology.

The pair are becoming well known, as their concert with beautifully syncopated versions of difficult greats such as Bach, Grieg, Beethoven and of course Mozart are fun to watch and provide inspiration to children everywhere working towards the dream of  themselves becoming proficient in Piano.  (Both Jonathon and  Grace have already passed the dizzying heights of grade 8 at their tender ages and have won a number of music competitions)

Take a look at this excellent performance from the Hungarian Dances by Johannes Brahms

Both of these extremely competent piano virtuosos are students of the Malaysian-Chinese Pianist Claudia Yang, who herself studied near here under Professor Pauls Baruda-Skoda.

Although they have played in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, in fact, these two will be visiting neighbouring Vienna soon, in order to take to the stage again on 18th July in nearby Vienna, this time, at the Mozarthaus at 7pm. It will be preceded by a piano masterclass and the main concert will be supported by the Hungarian MÁV Symphonic Orchestra. Entry seems to be free, but more info is available here.