Videos show you Hungary

Video platforms such as you tube and vimeo are among the most popular websites in the world. In preparing for a visit, you can use these as a great way to really get a feel for a place, as well as absorb a little preparatory information. There are so many to choose from, so here we provide a few favourites:

Budapest time-lapse
Talented filmmaker Arnau Orengo studied in Budapest as part of the Erasmus programme and fell in love with the city, especially the central role of the ever-changing Danube, individing and defining Buda and Pest.


"More than Expected" Video from the Hungarian Tourist Board
The official video of the Hungarian Tourist Board's „more than expected" Campaign, showing to great effect, just a handful of the cultural attractions of the country, its beautiful natural thermal lake and heritage spas and of course all the exciting tastes, sights and experiences that await you


Rick Steves "Best of Budapest"
Rick Steves is for Americans, the personification of the ultimate guide to travel itself, and he certainly has Europe mapped out, with a series of 30-minute TVs shows on Channel PBS and of course, on You Tube. There are several on Budapest; here he walks and talks us through the finery of the capital, its spas and where and what to eat.


Budapest Baths
The globe-trotting Vaga Brothers, Marko and Alex, take us around the Baths of Budapest in this charming 8-minute video:


Lastly, did you know that Katy Perry filmed the video for "Firework" here in Budapest?
Katy wanted the video to be inspirational, and show how people can get past difficulties to achieve their goals. After a campaign to find "sparking" people across Europe, 250 winners were gathered to make the video in Budapest, with the beautiful Royal Palace of the Buda Castle as a background. See the great "Making-of" video here...


Older videos:

George Ezra in Budapest
Lively Lake Balaton

See even more on our You Tube channel, or if you prefer to discover Hungary in more wierd and wonderful ways, consider the following: