Photospheres: get all-round views of Hungary!

"Photosphere" is Google's name for 360-degree panorama pictures, also known as interactive panorama images, the ones you can zoom or rotate, as if you were on the spot and looking around. Use them to get a feel for new locations or to show your friends what they have missed!

There are presently more than 180 photospheres of Hungary, including approximately 170 Photospheres of Budapest30 in Szeged, and 75 around Lake Balaton, so a great deal of all-round views await you. Here are some of our favourites:

The stunning Eszterházy Palace and decorated grounds in Fertód (by Gerhard Reiter )


The terrace of the Benedictine monastery at Tihany Abbey, from which you can see the spread of the mighty Lake Balaton (by Michael Mateovic )


The island of peace that is Margaret Island, right in the centre of Budapest (by Bálint Katona )


The massive side entrance to Keleti (Eastern) Railway station in Budapest- the grandest hallway you'll ever see!


and here are some more to consider:

Modern technology has allowed even amateur photographers to produce these nowadays, and now smartphone and tablet users can produce them with photosphere camera features or separate phone applications. So what are you waiting for, why not add your own?

If you prefer to discover Hungary in more wierd and wonderful ways, consider the following: