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To be inspired or informed about Hungary, browse one or more of these image galleries. There are a world of professional images and snapshots provided on platforms as diverse as Pinterest, photo blogs and our own image database.

Photo Library Collection
The Hungarian Tourist board  has a huge database of images about Hungary taken by our own photographers. While these are currently a paid service, you will not find a larger, more searchable source of images!

Here is a fun quiz, using some of those images. Can you name these landmarks?
(to start, click on the cover image below. the answers are at the bottom of this page.)


Pinterest Boards:
Don't miss out on the thousands of images we have sorted, grouped and pinned on our 23 pinboards, e.g.

A selection of interior and exterior images of Castles and Palaces in Hungary, with pins to show their map-locations.

The sights and feeling of Lake Balaton, the "Hungarian sea". Click at the bottom to see them in Pinterest.


Photo Essays:  

Visiting Budapest is a feast for the senses
Travel addict Lance Longwell guides us around the capital of Hungary in photos. A great introduction to the sorts of sights one can see in a short visit to Budapest!

Hecktic Canadians in Budapest
Long-term travellers Peter and Dalene Heck's wonderful Hecktic Travel Blog includes 16 beautiful images of Budapest's main sights, entitled "Old to new, day to night" by skilled photographer Pete.

"Budapest you are beautiful"
Another attractive photo essay, by Amanda in her travel blog, "A dangerous business" (the danger being that one may be wrapped up in one's journeys and end up who-knows-where!)

Budapest Daily Photo is an outlet for the creative skills of Zsolt, who puts out images frequently, (if not daily), with interesting explanations.

Natalie's Blog
A good overall view of the most important sights that sharp-eyed Natalie saw in the course of a short trip entitled "Always Hungary" loaded with and incredible 47 mini-snapshots, mostly of the capital city.

If you prefer to discover Hungary in more wierd and wonderful ways, consider the following:


Answers to photo Quiz 1:

1a: Great Market Hall, Fővám tér, Budapest
1b: The bronze Policeman, Zríny Mikós Street (between St Stephen's Basilica and the Danube), Budapest
1c: The Fisherman's Bastion, reflected in the tinted windows of the neighbouring Hilton Hotel, Buda Castle, Budapest
1d: Great Basilica of Esztergóm (Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Adalbert), Esztergóm,
1e: Statue of St George and the dragon at the foot of the Liberty statue, Gellért Hill, Budapest.
1f: Interior of the Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest
1g: St Stephen's Basilica