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Travel Apps can provide inspire and help you create the vacation that is perfect for you! With an unrivalled collection of attractive images, bright ideas and useful tips, these apps are free to download, so what are you waiting for?

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Hungary Tourism App:  It is a duty to provide a modern travel application for our visitors come bearing increasingly high-tech gadgets, so in an effort to reach people through the tools they like to use, the Hungarian Tourist Board has come up with some travel applications (or Apps.) While some apps you might have seen are really no more than a copy of a website shrunk down to fit on a mobile phone, our aim was not just to make our websites compatible with smartphones, but also to wanted to utilise as much as possible of the capabilities and possibilities of the devices themselves into these mobile apps.


The final product is an attractive and intuitive iPhone application and a separate and slightly simplified version for Nokia mobile phones, which has managed to squeeze into the very small download size of just 0.18MB. Both versions let user find accommodation, places to eat, attractions and spas via a database of more than 25,000 locations across Hungary. A map service shows you around in the capital and takes you off the beaten track. In addition there is also weather info, currency exchange rates and even some useful expressions, courtesy of our talking dictionary in the most unique language on Earth!

Share this app with your friends, link up via your social media connections, all for free with the HungaryTourism app! You can even dial up toll-free to talk to a Concierge for assistance in Hungary!
The mobile app was the winner of a prestigious WSA mobile award in the Tourism & Culture category 2010 for its great design and realization." The application's comprehensiveness, user-friendly features, use of user-generated content and comments, and excellent technical implementation make Hungary Tourism a true best practice in the area of Tourism and Culture."

Our Travel App makes it easy to find the ultimate European vacation! With an unparalleled selection of great imagery, inspiring ideas and very useful tips, this app is free to download for both iPhone and Nokia mobile phones, so what are you waiting for?


Visit Europe App: This free application is the perfect tool to help you find inspiration for the ideal European trip. Switch with ease between the different cities and regions of more than 25 European Countries. Search at national, regional, or town region and then take a closer look at sights, recommendations and more and find more details and practical help and info from the relevant tourist boards.

The all-free App VisitEurope app is the product of  Visit Europe, the European Travel Commission. It aims to ease the process of finding where to go for a European holiday and gathering information about that destination. In one single App, you will find pictures and short, clear information for exactly this purpose, minus the "hard sell" of any actual travel agencies or other directly involved companies! It's 100% gratis, so go ahead and download the app to get going!


Pocket Guides to Budapest (and other European Cities)

As part of a joint effort to promote Central Europe as a multi-faceted single destination, the pocket guide company has published a set of audio guides, for your smartphone to offer insight and detailed info on culture and sights, just exactly when  and where you need it, and they are all free until May 2015!

3 great audio guides are available for Budapest:

  1. The City and the Danube.
  2. The Great Castle Tour.
  3. The Hungarian Champs Elysées.

This  application for Iphones and Android mobiles can be downloaded from (or via the QR code in the image below).

These guides are free to start with, and will remain in so until 31st May 2015, after which the system of audio guides will be available at a cost of 5 Euro each.  

The Budapest guides are just one part of a grand scheme in which the Visegrad4 Group of neighbouring countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) are working together with the aim of marketing these so-called "V4" countries as one destination (Central Europe) especially in the eyes of overseas customers.

This first segment of the official Central European Tours projects is now finished and was officially presented to the V4 Prime Ministers on 24th June (coinciding with Slovakia taking over the 6-month rotating V4 Presidency from Hungary.

Walking Budapest: self-guided tours: Making full use of your smartphone's location-monitoring feature, these audio guides can help to give you fuller, deeper information about what you are looking at, as the app starts to play short podcast-style audio recordings about Budapest's sights and local attractions as you walk near them, loosely following a suggested route.

The walks involve a leisurely stroll including 10-12 waypoints, which you can pass at your own pace, taking the time for comfort stops or a meal along the way, as you see fit, as you are in charge of the itinerary here!

Example: history walk in Buda with Tim Richards

Budapest is situated on the Danube river, with half (Buda) to the West and the other half (Pest) to the East of the mighty river, which flows down from the Black forest and Vienna, and wends on to the Black Sea. (a total distance of 2860 km) A great view can be enjoyed from up on the Buda Castle Hill, but there is a lot more than a viewpoint here.. There is history galore here, and Tim and Veronika guide you through it on this easy mostly-downhill walk covering 13 points around Buda Castle, from the important Vienna Gate, along the tops of the castle walls, all around the quiet streets of the Castle, which actually covers a whole district, and finally down the hill, ending up at the famous Gellért Thermal Baths, where you can finish your day by soaking in opulence.  This castle walk does not go south of the Royal Palace, which means it doesn't cover the newly-reopened Castle Garden Bazaar, (but click here to read our own article on the subject.) This is just one of the tours. See the IZI Travel website for more:


Mobile App

Follow the web links above, you can download the apps for free, by going to IZI .travel app and clicking on the download icons. Word of warning: do bear in mind that these are location-connected apps, so in the normal course of action, a given file will not actually start until you activate the programme AND approach the Budapest location it is connected to. Have a great time!


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