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Nature value Kőszeg

Open from: March 15
Open till: November 15
Opening hours: The Museum opening hours: 05.01.-09.30.:Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, feast-day: 10:00-16:00 10.01.-10.23: Saturday, Sunday: 10:00-16:00
Admission: Museum entrance ticket: Adult: 240 HUF/person Pensioner, child: 130 HUF/person Group, up to 15 person: 120 HUF/person
Professional guidance: Optional guiding
Character: zoological value, forest school, look-out tower, botanical value, educational path, water habitat
Phone number: +36302260312
Type: national park, nature protection area
Attendability: by booking

Address: 9730 Kőszeg, Kőszegi-hegység View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 23' 24", E 16° 32' 44"
Location: Koszeg Mountains
Phone number: +3694329977