Szálkhalom Presentation area

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Nature value Hortobágy

Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Opening hours: 01/01-31/12
Admission: You can visit the area after buying an entrance card.
Entrance card price for all the 3 nature trail (Hortobagy Great-Fishponds Trail, Szálkahalom Nature Trail, Egyek-Pusztakócs Nature Trail):
Adult: 1000,- HUF/pers./day
3000,- HUF/pers./week
Student/pensioner: 600,-HUF/pers./day
Family (2 adult + 1 child):
2000,- HUF/day
6000,- HUF/week
Character: zoological value, botanical value, educational path
Phone number: +3652589000
Type: national park
Attendability: Depends on the weather

Address: 4071 Hortobágy, Külterület View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 34' 30", E 21° 14' 38"
Location: Hortobágy National Park; main road 33 at the 79 km mark
Phone number: +3652589321
Fax: +3652589321