Csanádi plains

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Nature value Tótkomlós

Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Character: botanical value
Type: national park

Address: 5940 Tótkomlós, Makói út Külterület View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 46° 23' 25", E 20° 41' 11"
Location: The Csanád region has one of the best soils in Hungary. Once the prairie soil areas were covered by loess meadows and desert boscages. Among the loess fields there were lowlands without outlets, which were covered by ancient alkaline fields, and on the higher spaces by rich loess vegetation. The Csanádi steppes consist of three patches of steppes (Kopáncs steppe, Montág steppe and Királyhegyesi steppe), the area of which is 4057 hectares. They are highly protected as the diversified flora and fauna of the region can be preserved only by this way..
Phone number: +3666313855
Email: kmnp@kmnp.hu