Baradla-cave system (Aggtelek-Jósvafő)

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Nature value Jósvafő

Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Opening hours: 1 st January-31 st March, 1 st October-31 st December 8:00-16:00, 1 st April-30 st September-8:00-18:00
Admission: adult: 2000-6000 HUF/person, student, senior: 1000-4800 HUF/person
Disabled accessible: no
Professional guidance: Baradla Cave is the longest vave in Hungary. Its total length, considering also its Slovakian part, is 25 km. Its Slovakian part is called Domica, its lenght is 5,3 km.
Character: geological value
Payment facilities: Credit card, Szechenyi Card
Phone number: +36302289598
Services: souvenir shop, café, buffet, toilet/WC
Type: cave, national park
Attendability: all the year

Address: 3758 Jósvafő, Tengerszem oldal 1. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 48° 28' 57", E 20° 32' 53"
Location: Aggtelek, Vörös-tó (between Aggtelek Jósvafő), Jósvafő
Phone number: +3648503000
Fax: +3648503001