Szél Ádám Guesthouse

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Private accommodation Kunadacs

Type: single
Number: 1
Price (EUR): 13-15
Type: double
Number: 2
Price (EUR): 13-15
Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Type: rural accommodation
Classification: 4 sunflowers
Disabled accessible: partially
Capacity (persons): 5
Number of rooms: 3
Services: heated room, baby-sitting, hairdryer, domestic animals, introduction of the farm, refrigerator, Internet access, opportunity to get acquainted with domestic animals, playroom/or part of room, with toys, well equipped kitchen, satellite TV channels, parking in a closed garden, participation facility in agriculture, sauna, indoor games, television, transfer, open fireplace, barbecue
Payment facilities: Cash only
type of rural accomodation: guesthouse
Dining services: available
Spoken languages: English
Dining facilities: kitchen

Address: 6097 Kunadacs, Beneirész 49.
Phone number: +36704535045