27th Valley of Arts Festival – Focused art

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Events Kapolcs

Admission: 10-day pass only available in advance sale
to 31 December: 25.000 HUF
to 19 May: 27.000 HUF
to 9 June: 30.000 HUF
to 14 July: 33.000 HUF
to 20 July: 35.000 HUF
5-day flexible pass only available in advance sale
to 31 December: 13.500 HUF
to 19 May:14.500 HUF
to 9 June: 15.500 HUF
to 14 July: 17.000 HUF
to 20 July: 18.000 HUF
Day ticket bought in advance sale
to 19 May: 3.300 HUF
to 9 June: 3.500 HUF
to 14 July: 3.800 HUF
In locale and on the website (from July 15): 4.000 HUF
Student and pensioners card spot: 3.500 HUF
3-day weekend ticket: advance to 19 May: 8.000 HUF
to 9 June: 9.000 HUF
to 14 July: 10.000 HUF
In locale and on the website (from July 16): 11.000 HUF
Student and pensioners card spot: 10.000 HUF
The programs for free entry children below the age of 6.
Disabled accessible: no
Start of event: 21-Jul-2017
End of event: 30-Jul-2017
Type of the festival:: Multi-arts
Regional festival: yes
Indoor or outdoor festival: both
Festival`s target group: young people, families with children, senior people
Is the attendance at the programs, events and festivals free?: for some programmes or services you should pay, no, it's not free
Payment facilities: Cash only
Locality: Taliándörögd, Kapolcs and Vígántpetend
Ticket order: A link to buy a ticket: http://tixa.hu/muveszetekvolgye
Type: festival, folklore, child event, Programmes for the weekend, Handicraft Market and programs, Popmusic conert, cultural, multi-arts festival, public event, dance, theather, Sunday programes, music, concert

Address: 8294 Kapolcs, Kossuth utca View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 46° 57' 18", E 17° 36' 21"
Phone number: +36709474009
Email: info@muveszetekvolgye.hu
Web: https://www.muveszetekvolgye.hu/en