Tóparti Holiday House

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Accommodation Harkány

Rooms number: 10
Type: 4-bedded
Rooms number: 50
Type: double
Rooms number: 3
Type: apartman
Open from: April 15
Open till: October 15
Capacity (persons): 160
Dining facilities: kitchen
Classification: non-qualified
Phone number: +36304113169
Number of rooms: 80
Services: bedclothes provided, well equipped kitchen, parking in a closed garden, kitchenette, television
Type: holiday house

Address: 7815 Harkány, Bartók utca 17. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 45° 51' 23", E 18° 14' 43"
Phone number: +3672480464
Email: toparti17harkany@gmail.com
Web: http://apartmanhaz-harkany.gportal.hu/