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Accommodation Nyírbátor

Price (EUR): 13-14 EUR/person/night or 50-57 EUR/room/night
Price (HUF): 3750-4250 HUF/fő/éj vagy 15000-17000 HUF/szoba/éj
Rooms number: 16
Type: 4-bedded
Price (EUR): 17-22 EUR/person/night or 33-43 EUR/room/night
Price (HUF): 5000-6500 HUF/fő/éj vagy 10000-13000 HUF/szoba/éj
Rooms number: 0
Type: double
Price (EUR): 15-17 EUR/person/night or 45-52 EUR/room/night
Price (HUF): 4500-5166 HUF/fő/éj vagy 13500-15500 HUF/szoba/éj
Rooms number: 0
Type: 3-bedded
Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Dining facilities: buffet, half pension, kitchen, kitchenette, breakfast, full board
Payment facilities: Credit card, Szechenyi Card
Trade association membership: TDM, Termál Klaszter
Services: 24-hour reception, indoor swimming pool, safe and luggage deposit, football ground, bathing possibility, fishing facilities, archery, camp site, tabletennis, Volleyball court, sauna, board games, WIFI/WLAN
Number of rooms: 16
Capacity (persons): 64
Disabled accessible: no
Classification: non-qualified
Type: apartment hotel
Phone number: +3642510485

Address: 4300 Nyírbátor, Fürdő utca 1. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 47° 50' 55", E 22° 6' 48"
Phone number: +36703385456
Fax: +3642510481

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