Laterum Conference and Wellness Hotel

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Therapy and wellness Pécs

Features and characteristics: The 1.4 m deep, 33-degree pool sides and bottom of every 5 minutes the mixture of air and water alternately blow the place to relax and switch off completely.
Temperature (C°): 33
Dimensions (m2): 25
Outdoor swimming pool: covered
Type: adventure
Features and characteristics: The jacuzzi pool water temperature 35 degrees Celsius. The pH value of water be the same as for a pH of human skin, ie 7.2. Water depth is 90 cm.
Temperature (C°): 35
Dimensions (m2): 16
Outdoor swimming pool: covered
Type: Jacuzzi
Open from: January 01
Open till: December 31
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 14.00-22.00
Additional fees: - Hatha Yoga and Asthanga, price: 1000 HUF/hour - Pregnancy Yoga, price: 1000 HUF/hour - Baby-mother Yoga, price: 1000 HUF/hour - Spine, price: 1000 HUF/hour - Silver women's gymnastics, price: 600 HUF/45 min - Baby swimming, price: 2000 HUF/ day, 9000 HUF/5 times, 16000 HUF/10 times
Admission: 2000 HUF/occasion For the guests of the hotel is free.
Disabled accessible: no
Medical services: Finnish sauna, dentist, spine exercise, thermal and steam chambers, infra-sauna, sport massage, Swedish massage, solarium, sole massage
Payment facilities: Credit card, Szechenyi Card
Phone number: +3672252108
Total number of swimming pools: 2
Type: wellness hotel
Type of swimming pool: mains water

Address: 7633 Pécs, Hajnóczy utca 37-39. View on map
Latitude and longitude: N 46° 3' 52", E 18° 11' 26"
Phone number: +3672252113
Fax: +3672252131

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