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Hungary is a new favourite in the tourism industry, a place that is enticing and inspirational, and able to offer both originality and quality.

Hungary is conveniently located in the very heart of Europe, and is well served by affordable transport links. It offers a plethora of attractions: bold and intricate architecture, beautiful and varied scenery, and a colourful cultural heritage of music, dance and art.

There is a rich culinary tradition too, one that extends well beyond cauldrons of goulash, and some excellent wines produced in 22 regions.

Choose Hungary for that special event - and relax in the knowledge that everything is on the safest and most professional of hands.
Top reasons for choosing Hungary:
– Easy access by air, train and waterway
– Abundance of high end accommodation and facilities
– Unique program options
– Outside the Eurozone
– The cost-to-value ratio is extremely favourable in Hungary. The quality of services is excellent and prices are still lower than in most European countries.

Hungarian Convention Bureau
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