Market Intelligence

Market intelligence plays an outstanding role among the marketing activities of the Hungarian Tourism Agency.

The Research Department seeks to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information about the main trends, performance and characteristics of the world's, Europe's and Hungary's tourism in order to help decision-making both for destination managers and entrepreneurs. The Research Department analyses international and domestic tourism trends, the performance of Hungary's source markets, and trends regarding tourism products. Research activities include both primary and secondary studies.

The Research Department analyses the tourism figures of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office on a monthly basis, furthermore monitors the data of the MNB, the central bank of Hungary about the tourism receipts and expenditure every quarter. Main figures about the tourism performance of Hungary are published through the European Travel Commission in the TourMIS database which enables to compare Hungary with other European destinations.

Besides the Hungarian sources, Hungarian Tourism Agency continuously monitors the data of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the EUROSTAT.

The series of image studies started in 2000 included Hungary's most important tourism generating markets and the objective of these studies is to examine the image and popularity of Hungary as a tourist destination, and the travelling behaviour of (potential) visitors from the main and emerging source markets. The Research Department also conducts surveys of the travelling behaviour of the Hungarian population on a regular basis. The most important tourism products i.e. Budapest, the Lake Balaton, health tourism and MICE tourism plays an outstanding role in the research activities, as well.

Dissemination of the research results and market information is shared via different channels including the internet, direct mail, travel trade press, presentations, and personal consultation.

Tourism in Hungary is an e-publication available in English about Hungary's tourism performance.

We also provide travel trade professionals with background information on Hungarian Tourism in general and Hungarian Health tourism.


Hungarian Tourism Ageny is an active member of European Travel Commission. The Deputy CEO in charge of Tourism Marketing of Hungarian Tourism Agency is a member of ETC's Board of Directors and the staff of Research Department acts as vice-chairpersons of the ETC.

The European Travel Commission (ETC) is the organisation responsible for the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination. Its membership consists of 33 European national tourist organisations.

For more information (based on ETC research) on Chinese tourists visiting Europe please visit our pages on ETC's research activities.


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