Public Transportation

Budapest has a well-developed public transportation system, with a network of a great number of routes of trams, buses, trolleys, undergrounds and sub-urban railway lines. Maps, schedule, and other important info here.

Budapest takes pride in its well-developed public transportation network. To get around the city ride a bus, a tram or the subway. Services are reliable and cheap, however, some precautions are recommended if you are travelling on a crowded vehicle, as these are often frequented by pickpockets.

Public transport in the city of Budapest is supervised by Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (Centre for Budapest Transport). There is a network of several bus-, tram- and trolleybus routes, as well as four underground lines. There are also five suburban railway lines (HÉV) serving the outskirts of the city. Most services operate from around 5 o'clock in the morning until about 11 o'clock at night.

             Budapest metro Red Line 2 at Keleti Station, photo © Wikipedia

Transportation tickets should be purchased before boarding the bus or entering the subway and need to be validated upon entry. Machines either punch the ticket or validate it by cutting the corner and stamping the date and time of travel.

Tickets are often checked while riding the vehicles or at the subway exits by controllers wearing arm-band and a photo-ID. You should always keep your ticket at all times till you exit the station or leave the vehicle.

                            Buying Public Transport Ticket in Budapest

Those travelling without a valid ticket will need to pay a penalty.

Tickets are available at Underground stations, Tobacconists, Newsagents, Tourinform offices, Automated ticket machines at some bus and tram stops.
Schedules, services, ticket prices, route planner, conditions of travel.

It is worth investing in Budapest Card which offers unlimited travel on all forms of public transports, free or reduced admission to museums and other sights and discounts on organized tours, car rental, at thermal baths and at selected shops and restaurants. It is sold at Tourinform offices, travel agencies, hotels and main metro stations.

Outside Budapest
In most cities outside Budapest, full fares on public transport cost anywhere approx. 300–400 HUF. For a surcharge, tickets can be purchased from the driver. Miskolc, Debrecen and Szeged have bus, tram and trolley lines, while all other cities offer only local bus services.