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Volánbusz operates 500 domestic distance coaches to 100 cities of the country daily, creating a direct link between many European countries and the most important regions and resorts of the country and Budapest. During the day there are coaches in every hour or more often in the direction of Eger, Salgótarján, Gyöngyös, Jászberény, Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Tatabánya and Győr, many lines go to the Mátra, the great plain, lake Balaton or other destinations.
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The largest transport service provider in Hungary, the MÁV-Start Zrt (MÁV), which has been operating for 160 years already, carries more than 150 million passengers year to year to any destinations chosen by them.
Would you wish to go for a swim in the" Hungarian Sea", Lake Balaton or get the real taste of the life on the Great Plain in Hortobágy, the Puszta, or admire the beauty of the National Historical Memorial Park at Ópusztaszer, where you can observe the legendary panorama painting of Árpád Feszty; we are always there for your service. Train tickets can be bought
•    at the railway stations and railway ticket offices in Budapest and the countryside;
•    online;
•    by your mobile phone.
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Nostalgia Trains
Nostalgia trips on renovated, old-fashioned trains evoking the atmosphere of the turn of the century can be taken in the Budapest area.
Information on nostalgia trips is available at the offices of MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd.

Scheduled Vintage Trains In Hungary
Trips to the Danube Bend From 24 April through 2 October, a steam-hauled vintage train departs every Saturday at 9.40 from Budapest's Nyugati Station. Alternate weeks it goes to the picturesque Szob, on the East Bank of the Danube, or to Esztergom, Hungary's capital in early medieval times.
Along the Northern shore of Lake Balaton From 22 June through 21 August, every day except Sundays and Mondays, a steam-hauled vintage train departs from Keszthely to Badacsony.
Optional excursion: A ride in horse-drawn coaches, wine-tasting and lunch in Badacsony.
Information on Scheduled Vintage Trains In Hungary is available at the offices of MÁV Nosztalgia Ltd.

Hungarian Railway Museum
The first interactive, partially open-air railway museum of Europe offers visitors a full-day program for all members of the family. The beautifully preserved engines, carriages and other railway equipment are displayed in a former roundhouse and in the surrounding landscaped park.
Besides viewing the permanent exhibitions, visitors can enjoy a ride on a horse-tram, operate the turntable, drive model trains, hand-powered wagons and even a steam or vintage diesel engine under supervision.
The Hungarian Railway Museum is accessible by car as well as by tram no. 14 (leaves from Lehel tér) until Dolmány utca station, by bus No. 30 (leaves from outside the Keleti (Eastern) Railway Station) until Rokolya utca station or a special vintage train service operates from Nyugati (Western) Railway Station during opening hours. Car parking and bicycle storage are available.

Narrow Gauge Trains
Railway transportation is popular all over the world, and narrow gauge railways have an increasing role to play in many countries. There are several light railway lines in Hungary, chiefly f or the purposes of tourism and hiking.
There are more than 20 small gauge trains, most running from May to September.
For information on narrow gauge trains, please contact TOURINFORM Offices.
MÁV-Start Zrt. Széchenyi-hegyi Children's Train
Children's Train is very popular among the children of Budapest and those visiting the capital. It is 11.2 kilometres long. What makes it special is that children between the ages of 10 and 14 do all the work except, of course, for the jobs of engineer and stationmaster. There are six stops between the two terminals, each leading to popular hiking destinations in the Buda Hills.

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