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Telephone and dialing info, important numbers, internet cafés, free wi-fi.

Telephone, Fax

Hungary country code: 36
Budapest area code: 1 (+7-digit number)
International pre-dial: 00 + country code + local number
Domestic long distance pre-dial: 06 + area code + local number
Cell-phone numbers are 9-digit, after dialing 06, the first two numbers depend on the telephone company: 20, 30 or 70.
Public phones require 10, 20, 50 or 100 Forint coins, or a pre-purchased phone card (sold at newsstands, supermarkets, hotels and post offices).
Fax machines are available for tourists in main post offices and in many city hotels' Business Centers.
International collect calls can be made from a private line or public payphone. A coin or phone card has to be inserted to initiate the call.
International operators:
AT&T 00 8000 1111
MCI 00 8000 1411
SPRINT 00 800 0 1877

Important telephone numbers

Ambulance: 104
Police: 107
Fire department: 105
Directory Assistance: 198
International Directory: 199
International Emergency Call: 112
Tourinform nonstop help and information: +36 1 438 80 80
Post Office Services

Post offices are usually open from Monday to Friday, from 8-18h.
There are two post offices next to the two central railway stations in Budapest that are open from Monday to Saturday, from 7 to 21h. They are:
- Nyugati Pályaudvar (VI. Teréz körút 61.) - open on Sunday, too: 10-17 h
- Keleti Pályaudvar (VIII. Baross tér 11/c.)


There are Internet cafés all over Budapest and a growing number of hotels and cafés offer WiFi access for laptop users. For a comprehensive listing, with maps, visit

There are free wi-fis in most of the hotels, bars and trains.