Fun facts and trivia about Hungary

In 1703, Francis Rákóczi II, Prince of Transylvania, gave King Louis XIV of France some Tokaji wine from his Tokaj estate as a gift. The Tokaji wine was served at the French Royal court at Versailles, where it became known as Tokay. Delighted with the precious beverage, Louis XV of France offered a glass of Tokaji to Madame de Pompadour, referring to it as "Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum" ("Wine of Kings, King of Wines"). This famous line is used to this day in the marketing of Tokaji wines. (source: Wikipedia)

Hungary is one of the thirty most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting 10.2 million tourists a year (2011). (Source: Wikipedia)

Rubik's Cube
The famous logic-toy was invented by a Hungarian engineer, Ernő Rubik. Mr. Rubik originally named the toy as Magic Cube. Hint: the colour of a side is determined by the colour of the centre-cube of that side.

Most cube solved in 24 hours
Milán Baticz holds the record at Guinness, as he solved 4786 Rubik's cube within 24 hours. Wow! (source:

Have you heard about the Gömböc?
The Gömböc is a mathematical shape first theorised in 1996 and proven in 2006 by Hungarian scientists Péter Várkonyi and Gábor Domokos. It is a three-dimensional shape which is mono-monostatic, convex, and homogeneous i.e., with equal density throughout. It is characterized by its properties of balance in that it has two equilibria, one stable and one unstable. (source:

There are approximately 14-15 million Hungarians in the world, 10 million living inside Hungary, while the others are mainly in the countries around Hungary. But there are Hungarians immigrated to the USA and Western Europe too. (source: Wikipedia)

Land of the thermal water
There are approximately 500 places in the country where thermal water occurs. That means you can find water with temperature above 30°C in the 70% of Hungary. There are about 150 spas in the country where you can bath. (source: Wikipedia)

The 1st National Park
In Hungary, the first national nature reserve was the Hortobágy National Park, opened in 1973. (source:

The Legend of the Bull's Blood
Under the siege of the Castle of Eger by the Turks, the Hungarians were so tough to beat, after they drank local red wine. The Turks tried to figure out what is that the soldiers drink behind the walls, and Hungarians said that's Bulls's Blood, that gives them courage.

Need a Herendi
Queen Victoria, Queen Elisabeth, the Rothschild family, Franz Joseph I., Charles Prince of Wales, Lady Diana, Elisabeth II.,  Lewis Hamilton, Prince William and Kate, Pope Benedict XVI., Akihito, the Emperor of Japan bought Herendi porcelain. We can say Herendi is really precious and world famous. (source:

Longest distance
The westernmost settlement in Hungary is Felsőszölnök, while the easternmost is Garbolc. The distance between them is 544 km in a straight line.

Buda Castle funicular
The funicular which takes you up to the Buda Castle from Clasrk Adam Square is more than 140 years old, and it was the second in Europe. The funicular has two cabins, called Margit and Gellért.

My undefeatable treasure
Kincsem (pron. keen-tshem), the most famous Hungarian bred racing horse won all of her 54 races! People just remember her as the 'Undefeatable'. Her names means literally 'my treasure'.