HM Budapest Forestry Zrt.

The hunting grounds and lodges of HM Budapest Forestry Zrt. are the closest destination for tourists arriving in the capital. The grounds cover 21,000 hectares of its own hunting territory in three different areas.

All Hungarian game species can be bagged on the company's grounds according to the season. The geographical diversity of the three separate areas provides hunting opportunities for both those who prefer highland game species and those who favour the game of the plains. The wildlife stock is good in national comparison and the 35–40% proportion of medals indicates the quality of the trophy game.

The hunting ground of Lovasberény (4,900 hectares) includes the 4,000-hectare forest area of the Velence Mountains. The 8,500-hectare hunting ground of Süttő is 85% forested. The closed forest area provides ideal conditions for the abundant stock of deer and wild boar, while the mouflon stock is also significant. The hunting ground of Dabas stretches out over 7,800 hectares.

Collectible trophies: red deer stag antlers (between 5–9 kg), fallow buck antlers (3–5 kg), roebuck antlers (200–400 g), mouflon ram horns (60–90 cm), wild boar tusks (14–22 cm).

Game species: red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon

Hunting lodges: Alsóvadács hunting lodge is located in parklands in the middle of the Süttő hunting grounds, providing an ideal opportunity for recreation.