Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Zrt.

Gyulaj Zrt. manages wildlife on four hunting grounds, over a total area of approximately 30,000 hectares. Its hunting grounds house the most exceptional wild boar, fallow and red deer stocks. Its five fallow deer CIC world record trophies are unrivalled. The first record-breaking Hungarian SCI trophy (a wild boar shot in 2011) was also bagged on this territory.

Of its hunting grounds, Gyulaj is the best known (the area after which the company is named). The Gyulaj hunting ground is home to one of the finest fallow deer stocks in the world. In additition to the fallow deer, the Gyulaj area is known for its excellent wintertime wild boar drives.

Another famous fallow deer area lies over the valleys and hills of the Kisszékely hunting ground. The local trophies, whether they come from open-field or game preserve hunts, are of exceptionally high weight. The local red deer and wild boar stock is also considerable.

The diversely forested plains of Kistápé provide excellent red deer stock, in terms of both quality and quantity. The wild boar drives that take place here are rightfully among the favourites of visitors.

The hunting ground of Hőgyész is set down as one of the leading red deer areas in Hungary. Each year, hunters return home having had world-class hunting experiences and with trophies of 10 kg or above.

Game species: red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer

Hunting lodges: Kisszékely, Szálláspuszta, Csibrák, Kistápé, Óbiród