Egererdő Zrt.

EGERERDŐ Zrt. manages wildlife and hunting on three territories, each with distinctive features, on the largest continuous forested mountainous terrain in the North Hungarian Mountains, amounting to an area of 57,000 hectares.

The wildlife of these exceptionally geographically diverse areas includes almost all game species. The mouflon stock is one of the largest populations in Hungary and the quality of the rams is outstanding in national comparison, while the wild boar population is also sizeable. The company currently operates three separate game preserves for mouflon and wild boar, where wildlife management is substantial.

Northern Hills: hunting grounds of 6,400 hectares in the North Hungarian Mountains forest management unit. This is considered to be Egererdő Zrt.'s best hunting ground in terms of game stock and natural features.

Bükk: an area of 23,000 hectares located on the western slopes of the Bükk Mountains. Szilvásvárad Forestry operates a 300-hectare game preserve in this territory.

Mátra: Hunting ground of 28,000 hectares with 90% forest area. From a hunting point of view, the focus is on the eastern and southern slopes of the Mátra.

Wild boar and mouflon preserves: on the territory of Mátrafüred Forestry and in the vicinity of the settlement of Verpelét.

Game species: red deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar, fallow deer

Hunting lodges: Villanegra Inn, Keserű Hunting Lodge