Dalerd Zrt.

DALERD Délalföldi Erdészeti (Southern Great Plain Forestry) Zrt. is the state forestry management company of the Southern Great Plain. It is in charge of approximately 29,000 hectares of land stretching over the counties of Békés and Csongrád.

DALERD Zrt. handles four different wildlife management units. The Great Hungarian Plain has been known for its excellent game stock for centuries. The local forests, the enormous plains and the wildly meandering rivers have always provided an ideal habitat for the native red deer, wild boars, roe deer, pheasants, grey partridges, hares and water wildlife. The prize game of the area is the red deer, which, owing to its unique characteristics (such as its "shark tooth") can be considered as a unique phenotype. The proportion of trophy medals exceeds 50%. Hunting methods are also unique, drawing on the historic traditions of sleigh-ride hunting and carriage stalking. For wild boar, the society offers big-yield hunts with a high proportion of medals that will delight hunters. The sportiness of the roe deer provides for an adventurous hunting experience. For those interested in small game, both big-yield and small-yield hunts can be arranged. Grey partridge and Reeves's pheasant diversify the hunt.

Game species: red deer, wild boar, roe deer, pheasant, Reeves's pheasant, grey partridge, wild duck, wild goose, fox, golden jackal

Hunting lodges: Sarkad-Remete, Derekegyház