You don't have to be related to bats to enjoy being in a cave. All that's required of you is to take a trip further north-east through the dark and unspoilt forests of the Bükk Hills and head to Miskolctapolca.

Step into the water in the glass-topped atrium and let the warm water guide you on its mild current into the various rooms. Float into the cavern with a black ceiling dotted with stars, where you can play with the echo. Take a rest here and there in a natural cove, or climb out and stand under the thundering water that will pound the knots out of your shoulders. The constantly 30 ºC water will treat your joints to some love and care. Nowhere in the world has water of such ideal bathing temperature been found in karst caves, while the colourfully illuminated rock formations hidden in nooks and crannies give the bath an otherworldly feel.