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Budapest - The Capital of Architecture

The graceful bourgeois palaces, the prevalent neoclassical architecture, the bank buildings of Pest that serve as the hubs of commercial life of what was once Europe's second largest city – these buildings create a friendly and familiar atmosphere that makes Budapest a location everyone from Europe wants to visit. In addition to visiting the obvious, guidebook-recommended attractions, it is very important, almost compulsory to continually gaze upwards while walking the streets of Budapest and admire the upper levels of the buildings with their artistic facades, colourful mosaic windows and the charming reliefs and sculptures of trendy apartments.

Amazing Flavours of Hungary

Immaculate cleanliness is not the only thing that makes premium restaurants in Hungary great today. Their secret lies in quality raw materials, friendly service and memorable interiors.

Amazing Adventures in Budapest

If you have done enough walking and would like to try something a bit more adventurous, there are many options to choose from. There are numerous different modes of transport and award-winning river excursions that make Budapest stand out even more on the colourful map of Europe.
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