The 25th most visited city on Earth

Euromonitor International set up a list of the 100 most visited cities on Earth, and Budapest is in the 25th place, that means the capital of Hungary came up 20 places comparing to 2010.

In 2011 4.3 million tourists visited Budapest, that is 8.3 % more than the previous year. In 2010 Budapest finished in the 43rd place. The data for the list are collected in 2011, but they released the toplist just now, in 2013. Here come the top 25 city of 2011:

1 Hongkong
2 Szingapúr
3 London
4 Kuala Lumpur
5 Macau
6 Bangkok
7 Antalya
8 Shenzhen
9 New York
10 Isztambul
11 Guangzhou
12 Párizs
13 Dubai
14 Shanghai
15 Miami
16 Mekka
17 Pattaya
18 Róma
19 Las Vegas
20 Barcelona
21 Taipei
22 Peking
23 Los Angeles
24 Phuket
25 Budapest

Sure, Budapest can't pick up the fight with such popular places like Miami, Las Vegas or Dubai, but this result proves that Budapest has its own value, and because of the fantastic architecture, the historic spas, the attractions on the banks of the Danube, the rich gastronomy and famous hospitality this lovely capital has its place on everyone's must-visit checklist.

Euromonitor international expects the list of 2012 to be more exciting.