Budapest to the sound of Liszt

The Budapest Liszt program is a complex, three-day cultural sightseeing package for Classical Music lovers, starting this October! Encouraged by the 2011 Bicentennial year of Franz (Ferenc) Liszt, Hungary's most-renowned composer, three major urban cultural institutions will collaborate with selected travel agencies to showcase the life, works, and home memories of Franz Liszt.

This cultural journey around Budapest for classical music enthusiasts is combined with concerts and Liszt-themed sightseeing trips to highlight its cultural complexity. During the trip, knowledgeable guides will regale visitors with stories and anecdotes of this musical genius and contemporary Budapest!

In addition to the three major institutions of the Hungarian classical music scene: the Hungarian State Opera House, the Palace of Arts and the Academy of Music, many other organisations are working hard for the success of the Liszt program. These include the Hungarian National Tourist Office, Danubius Hotels Group, Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport, Budapest Spas and Hot Springs Inc, Carpathia and Gundel restaurants, and many reputable travel agencies.

The three-day program involves walking in selected relevant areas of Budapest to discover the life of Franz Liszt:

  • The first day will be spent in the Buda Castle, Matthias Church, the Institute of Musicology and the National Gallery.
  • The second day is for the city: the work of the great composer is not only tied to the city, but also to the churches (Franciscan church, Central Church) where the deeply religious composer often spent considerable time. A real specialty is the English Young Ladies Church (now St. Michael's Church) and former nunnery: The grand hall hosted Franz Liszt's concerts in 1823. Then we visit the new building of the Music Academy on Franz Liszt Square and the State Opera House.
  • The third day is to be spent at the old Academy of Music: Liszt's last apartment in Budapest is in the same building. These rooms are now a memorabilia museum, arranged with the composer's instruments, furniture, books and sheet music.

The icing on the cake, the daily lunch menu, is also aligned with the program, to include food, wine and sweet candy snacks known to be Franz Liszt's favourites.

The Franz Liszt programme is expected to start this autumn.