MOL Fencing World Championships 2013

Flashing blades, lightning thrust and parry; the duels will be fast and furious at the World Fencing Championships in Budapest this August! More than 1100 competitors will take part in this 8-day extravaganza, not hosted in Hungary since 1991!

The World Championships, conducted in three disciplines (sabre, foil, epee) will feature individual and team events, with more than 1100 competitors expected. In addition to being the greatest annual event of the sport of fencing, the championships will also be a centennial celebration as the International Fencing Federation (Federation International d'Escrime, FIE) will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013. Altogether this year's championships will be a huge 8 day-day extravaganza, sponsored by MOL Hungarian Oil, taking place at the SYMA Event and Congress Centre in Budapest between 5-12 August.

Budapest hosted the World Fencing Championships in 1959, 1975 and again in 1991 when the Hungarian national team won three gold medals. There are high hopes this time too. In addition to stars like Mariel Zagunis (USA) and Hungarian champion Áron Szilágyi, fans will be able to root for wheelchair competitors too as the event is going to be an integrated World Championships. The first two days of qualifiers will be followed by six days of finals, each seeing medals awarded and World Champions crowned.

Fencing is the most successful sport of Hungary, based on the Olympic medal count; it is far ahead of the extremely successful canoeing and swimming. Áron Szilágyi won the 35th medal of Hungarian fencing in London. It is without exaggeration that in addition to Italy and France, Hungary is a superpower of fencing.

Among the most successful Olympians in Hungary, one finds fencers exclusively in the top three: the seven-time champion Aladár Gerevich (leading the all-time Olympic medal count), followed by Pál Kovács and Rudolf Kárpáti with six Olympic Champion title each.

The World Championships – in addition to its importance in fencing – might have a large presence in  the world of social media this summer too. You may become aware of the promotional campaign of posters and videos entitled: "Just Like in the Movies," it follows the idea of fencing being familiar to viewers from the numerous sword fight scenes from films both modern and from yesteryear.  (watch Áron Szilágyi duel with renowned swordsmen of various eras.) 

In the meantime, the poster and video competition open to the fans has also kicked off: those interested may combine their favourite fencers and greatest cinematic experiences on the official website of the MOL World Fencing Championships.