Water fun in Hungary! Aqua parks & watersports

Hungary is a land of waters, healing thermal waters, mighty rivers and tranquil lakes, as well as a wealth of man-made pools and water attractions. There is plenty to do in the water in Hungary!

Hungary is a land of waters, healing thermal waters, mighty rivers and tranquil lakes, as well as a wealth of man-made pools and water attractions. There is plenty to do in the water in Hungary!

For adrenalin-pumping thrills, Hungary has opportunities such as waterskiiing, wakeboarding and when calm, so-called stand-up paddling, a special technique from Hawaii, on Balaton and Velence Lakes. At Surfbeach at the eastern end of the legendary golden shore of Siófok, kite and windsurfers rule. Shallow warm water, soft sandy beaches and gentle winds provide perfect conditions to head out onto the open water.

Thrills  of another kind are  offered at Lake Tisza – put on your water skis and let the motor boat pull you through the water. Hungary also has several spots where you can explore the underwater world, mostly old mine lakes. Head to the Kotró Lake in Gyékényes for a depth of 6 metres and especially clean water or to the lake of Szalkszentmárton to dive 8 metres. The coolest experience is provided at the Palatinus Lake where an underwater museum on diving awaits.

But Hungarian water is not just for splashing – it can be soothing and healing too. The country is blessed with an abundance of natural thermal springs; the country sits on one of the richest geothermal and medicinal water resources in the world.

The local culture of bathing goes back two thousand years; excavated remains of bath houses, frescoes and mosaics demonstrate that the Romans discovered and exploited these thermal water resources. They highly valued the healing effects of Hungarian thermal waters. In the 16th century, the Turks built beautiful Turkish Baths which are still in use today.

The waters that are beneficial for the body come under three categories: the mineral waters from groundwater layers, thermal water at temperature of 30°C and above and medicinal water with scientifically proven medicinal effects. Thermal water or medicinal water can be found in 80% of the country. More than 1000 springs provide medicinal and thermal water to natural and medical spas.

Lake Hévíz is a real natural phenomenon with its 25 °C yearly average water temperature. This is the largest biologically active thermal lake in Europe. Hajdúszoboszló, located in Eastern Hungary, has one of the largest spa-complexes in Europe including a medical-spa, an outdoor strand, a huge aqua park and the Aqua-Palace with experience pools. 

Budapest is a spa capital, and loyal to it's name there are many type of spas from historic turkish and roman to medical and party spas.


Hungary hosts a unique party series that has been transforming bath culture and Budapest night life for more than a decade. Cinetrip is an audio-visual genre, which brings the atmosphere of the heroic-archaic ages of the cinema to the audience through the means of modern technology with DJs, live acts, fire dancers, air acrobats, water ballet, oriental style belly dancers. From 2013 these parties have been organised in the renewed Lukács Bath.


Aquaparks are an easy option for families with children who are confident in the water. They can have fun together for hours in complete safety.

The greatest of all indoor water theme parks in Central Europe is on the outskirts of Budapest. „Aquaworld" features a monumental mock-up of Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, 11 slides of various lengths and sizes, and 17 pools. They also have special night-time bathing events from time to time. You can contact them for details.

Only 23 kilometres north-east from Budapest, in the small town of Mogyoród, is Aquarena, the epitome of aqua parks.   With slides over and under the ground and pools spreading across almost 12 hectares, a real water adventure is to be had here.

There's also a fantastic natural haven of a waterpark in Debrecen, where under a massive glass dome there is an abundance of tropical plants and a water paradise full of adventures.   

Szeged has a real water metropolis, called the Aquapolis which boasts 13 rather extreme slides including the longest all-year-long open slide in Europe, childrens' pools, fun-pools, wellness pools, a medical centre, and facilities for more watersports, than you can shake a stick at and endless opportunies for fun and relaxation.

Last but not least is Hajdúszoboszló, which has the biggest bath-complex in Europe. It has an outdoor aquapark with a jungle of slides and even a water-spouting elephant in the kids' pool, a Lido, a thermal-spa and an Aqua Palace, housing an experience spa, a cinema-bath, marine pool, cave bath, roman bath, and a gargantuan tropical pool with amazing natural decor.

As a slight aside, this is not really an aquapark at all, but the Cave-baths of Miskolctapolca are surely worth a mention as they have something quite unique - a world of spa water flowing underground in a simple cave system for you to explore.