12 most popular squares in Budapest

Visitors can learn a lot about Budapest from its public squares. From busy transport hubs to laid-back places to hangout by day or night, here are 12 squares you may encounter on your trip.

Elisabeth Square
(Erzsébet tér) (pron. air-zsey-bet tair)
The largest square of Budapest is right next to Deák Ferenc Square, the city's main public transport hub. You could say that all road leads to Erzsébet Square. Here you'll find the Aquarium event hall, home of excellent concerts, exhibitions, and a pretty good open air bar. The other part of the square is frequented by youngsters, who play, hang out and chat, or even do some sports. There's also a skateboard park and a bicycle repair shop nearby. Elisabeth Square is always busy – day or night.

Heroes' Square
(Hősök tere) (pron. heo-sheok te-re)
This popular square, flanked by 2 important art museums, forms a gate to the City Park. Its semi-circular colonnades with statues of great characters of Hungarian history stand to both sides of the millennium monument rising in the centre. The statue of the archangel Gabriel can be seen from far away down the straight Andrássy Avenue. This photogenic square is very popular with visitors and surely counts as one of the top 3 spots of Budapest.

Liberty Square
( Szabadság tér) (pron. saab-add-shag tair)
The renewed square is a very nice green area inside Budapest's business district. From spring to autumn, look for the interactive fountain. You can also find here the U.S. Embassy and a statue of Ronald Reagan.

Clark Adam Square
( Clark Ádám tér) (pron. Clark Ah-damn tair)
This busy junction, named after the project manager for the Chain bridge and the Castle Tunnel, is located at the end of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. It is the zero point from which all distances are measured in Hungary and there's a zero-marker statue in the square in front of the entrance to the funicular railway, which covers the short distance up to the Buda Castle. Pleasant walks in either direction along the Danube can be started from here.

Trinity Square
(Szentháromság tér) (pron. sent-ha-rom-shag tair)
In the centre of the Buda Castle stands the beautiful holy trinity statue, though it is rather overshadowed by the towering Matthias Church and outshone by the nearby Fisherman's Bastion. Several restaurants and confectionaries and ice-cream parlours can be found nearby and the castle bus stops here, which makes it a great spot to start a walk around the castle hill.

Batthyány Square
(Batthyány tér) (pron. bot-yan-yi tair)
Another important transport hub, this is the starting point for the urban rail line to Szentendre. This square is well-loved because of it's fantastic view of the Parliament of Hungary across the Danube.

Kossuth Lajos Square
(Kossuth Lajos tér) (pron. Kosh-oot Lie-yosh tair)
This square features 3 beautiful buildings: the Museum of Ethnography, the Ministry of Agriculture and the impressive houses of Parliament. The square is now under reconstruction, but surely will be one of the most beautiful squares after the work is complete. This article will be refreshed then.

Fővám Square
(Fővám tér) (pron. Furr-vam tair)
At the Pest side of the Liberty Bridge, Fővám Square faces the Great Market Hall and has several nice cafés and bistros. The famous Váci Street ends just here, so you can walk the entire street as far as Vörösmarty Square. You can get on the tram line no. 2 here, and travel along the Danube while pamper your eyes with beautiful city attractions.

15th of March Square
(Március 15. tér) (pron. marr-tsee-oosh tease-en-ert-a-dik tair)
It is a classic places to sit and watch the world go by, with a nice view to the Elisabeth Bridge and the Gellért Hill. Keep your eyes open, as there are hidden maps and treasures embedded in the pavement. This square is close to Váci Street, the venerable inner-city parish church is here and it is right next to the scenic route of the no. 2 tram.

 St. Stephen's Square
(Szent István tér) (pron. sent-isht-van tair)
Right in front of the imposing facade of St. Stephen's Basilica, unfolds the great square of St. Stephen. In the winter, this area hosts a Christmas market with a sizeable ice-rink. There are trendy bistros and wine bars all around and the pavement cafés are full of people all through the summer. From here, you can stroll all the way down to the Danube and the Chain Bridge along attractive Zrínyi street.

Franz Liszt Square and Jókai Square
(Liszt Ferenc tér,  Jókai tér)  (pron. list-feh-rents tair / yo-kai tair)
These two squares are right next to each other, separated by Andrassy Avenue, but here we count them as one. Both are full of pubs, restaurants and night clubs. They are easy to reach, because they are close to major tram and metro lines at the nearby Oktogon junction.

Vörösmarty Square
(Vörösmarty tér) (pron. ver-roesh-mahr-tee tair)
This square is the centre of Budapest's tourist area. You will find here imposing fashion stores, the famous Gerbeaud confectionary, the Hard Rock Café, the Michelin-starred Onyx restaurant, and several other restaurants, cafés, souvenir shops. There's always a fair or event here on every major holidays, and it's a great places for people-watching.

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