Local events for World Tourism Day 2013

The international day of tourism or "World Tourism Day" will be on 27th September 2013. A plethora of special events and activities will happen around the globe, with a special emphasis on WATER. That is something very important in Hungarian culture, so there are many events here!

In fact Hungary has the third largest number of cities that have registered some form of activity specially for this day - one more indication of how important tourism and tourists are to our country!

Here is a run-down of some of the events taking place. All times listed below are for events happening on Friday 27th September, unless otherwise mentioned:

From 10am until 5pm, the staff of the Four Seasons Gresham Palace, Budapest will out on the terrace of the restaurant, giving out heart-shaped chocolate biscuits, made by well known pastry chef, Árpád Szűcs.

On Sunday September 29th, the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism will be charging half price admission all day long.  As the theme of this year's events is the connection between water and tourism, staff will be distributing glasses of soda and there will be the opportunity to watch a video about the history of the production of soda water.

The Staff of the Novel Budapest Danube hotel will be on the street, giving out cookies and goodies to tourists. 

In addition to the other gifts for the guests of the Bo18 hotel (welcome drink, chocolates and a refreshing glass of lemonade) we will be giving away bath salt spheres, decorated with the hotels sash.

This year saw the first season of "the prisoner of Budapest" game at the water tower on Margaret Island (details at http://budapestfoglyai.hu) and we will be offering a heavily discounted version of this consuming game on the 27th September. (N.B. Later in the year, this game will be run in English, but for now participants should be warned that this is a puzzle game in Hungarian Language)

The Ramada Aquaworld Resort, one of the largest of its kind in central Europe will offer several tourism related special events: Their 1+1 (one adult can bring one child for free) offer is available all year. On 27th September there will be a photo exhibition entitled "water is in our nature" and also bonbons will be distributed at the resort. A quiz on the website offers the chance to win free entry tickets.

Guests at the Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge on September 27th will find literature in their rooms about Hungary's deep connection to water, some highlights of water based sporting victories this year and an invitation to stretch guests' 5  senses in a watery challenge. In addition, all guests will receive a bottle of mineral water on arrival, children will receive balloons, and all are invited to enjoy unusual sights and sounds (waterfalls and incense candles among others) in the lobby area. Finally the Spa will also have special signs and information about water-tourism. 

Deliciously sweet funnel cake will be cooked over an open fire and given away in Elisabeth Square in the centre of the city!

At the Lázár Lovaspark  Equestrian Centre, some 35 km Northeast of the Capital, there will be riding and coach driving demonstrations at noon and 3:30pm  on the 27th September

Balaton Region

There will be plenty of opportunities for discounted leisure cruises on Lake Balaton,  they are also offering cut price tours of the Balaton Museum in the town of Keszthely. (tel.:+3684-312 144)

Visitors to tourinform office in the  harbour town of Balatonföldvar, will receive a bottle of mineral water and are welcome to join in the horse carriage ride and wine tasting 3-6pm (tel.:+3684-540220)

In Gyenesdiás, guests can view a collection of more than 400 iron stoves – a real mass of antique cook-ware. For the more sporting, the public can also try their skill at clay pigeon shooting tel.:+3683 511 790)

 What could be more fitting for a water-based event than the largest thermal lake in the world? At Hévíz, guests will have the opportunity to drink the waters and participate in spine a posture exercises   at a discounted rate. Also, certain types of massage, such as foot-massage will be offered for free! (+3683 501 700 ext. 252)

Other Regions

In the market town of Kecskemét, the 68m water tower will be open for 20-person groups to tour at 9:30am, 11am, 12:30pm and 2:30pm.

In Keszőhidegkút, the Bodó Vadász Guesthouse is offering drinks (wine spritzers for the adults and squash for the children) made from the great natural spring water of the area. On Sunday 29th, there will be a walk around the nearby Pacsmagi fishing lake, a famous site for birdwatching.

The water fitness activities at the Bükfürdő Thermal Baths will be on offer for anyone with a normal swimming ticket, and gifts will be distributed. At the local tourinform office you can also try spring water cocktails, which are great for the digestive system!

 The Hableány Hotel in Tiszafüred will offering to guests staying 2 nights, a welcome drink and an entry pass to the local Mayfly nature walk, 1500m of information and education on the life of these humble stars of the regions wildlife. There will be midnight bathing complete with champagne!

 The Lake Tisza Eco-centre is also offering many special programmes including 90-minute guided tours inside the building and in the event of good weather, around the 10-hectare parklands. 20-minute boat tours will also be available free for visitors buying a particular type of ticket package.

Danubius Hotels are also participating, as part of their Danubius Goes Green programme. Events will include presentations, a family day at Feneketlen Lake in Budapest and all guests can enjoy a Danubius world traveller cocktail.