National Parks

Roughly a tenth of the land area of Hungary is classified as protected nature area.

Within this there are ten designated National Parks – areas of countryside where there are wild rivers, rolling hills, sprawling lakes, thick hillside forests, seemingly endless plains, and parts where limestone rocks and caves secrete a truly amazing array of hidden treasures. All these wonders are simply waiting to be rediscovered by visitors.

Just a few words before we begin...

Visitor and education centres: larger demonstration sites usually situated at one of the main entry gates to the natural park, or at a convenient, central place. Specialists are on hand to give guidance about basic rules to be observed while in the nature reserve and interactive exhibition introduce the rich natural and cultural heritage and the work in the fields of nature and cultural conservation. Visitor centres also offer publications and local gifts.

Nature trail: a designated route ideal for visitors wishing to roam independently. Stop-off points and information boards along the way give information about the natural and cultural significance of the area.

Demonstration site: a facility aiming to raise the awareness of visitors about a specific topic of natural or cultural heritage.

Guided tours: led by guides who are experts in the natural and cultural treasures of the respective area. Guided tours are especially popular in those parts of the National Parks considered to be at particular risk of damage from the passage of visitors or where the land is subject to the highest level of protected status for conservation reasons, as this is the only means of observing nature at close quarters.

Now let's set off on a fantastic journey!