Top 5 Things to do during autumn

The summer is over, but there's so much to do in Hungary during autumn you won't have time to be sad. Let's go out and get some new experiences! Here come our tips for the fall!

1. Take a walk among colourful trees
In Budapest Margaret Island is beautiful in fall. Take a romantic walk after lunch in the afternoon sun and collect yellow sycamore leaves or chestnuts. If you have more time, visit the Mátra or Bükk hills in Northern Hungary, The Buda hills, Pilis, Normafa right next to Budapest or the Bakony in Transdanubia. All are perfect places to have a full-day hiking in the forests. Trees have fabulous colours in September and October, so don't forget your camera! Look for a narrow-gauge train to see more of the forest and get to other nice places.

2. Wine-harvest
If you have the chance to participate in a real Hungarian wine-harvest, you will experience something you won't forget in your life. Traditional food, fresh wines, good company, all you need for a perfect day! There are also many wine-festivals (and pálinka, and beer, and gastro festivals) during autumn, where you can explore and taste the varied wines of the country.

3. Visit exhibitions, concerts, attractions
Now's the time to get to the museums and exhibitions you wished to visit this year. Instead of sunbathing and having fun on plages, autumn is the perfect period to make up for the missed culture programs. Season starts with autumn in most of the theatres and in the Opera House; make sure you buy your tickets in time. Plenty of excellent concerts await you everywhere to spice up your evenings.

4. Have a rest in the spas
Some baths are open all year long. Thermal spas of the capital are always a good choice. The Széchenyi Bath has open air pool too. Sárvár , Bükfürdő and Zalakaros are also nice places to visit, with superb spas, but overall the best spot for soaking so far is the Lake of Hévíz, Hungary's natural thermal lake with the water temperature around 25-28 °C in autumn.

5. The fabulous adventures!
The biking routes of Hungary become more beautiful as autumn arrives, so get your wheels and choose a destination, like Lake Balaton, Őrség or Lake Tisza. Not enough? Visit one of the adventure parks and put yourself to the test! Even if the weather goes bad, this is a good program to take! But if you looking for something unique, get to a farm and pay yourself in for a horse ride in the wilderness. We are sure you will feel like you are in a fairytale.