4-7 October 2012 - Culture flow

We know from the Buddha and Horace that it is best for man to stick to the golden mean. There are situations, however, when we can relax a bit and let ourselves swept away at unbridled speed. One such situation is when you visit Budapest and are swept away by the Hungarian capital's irresistible cultural flow.
Extraordinary productions of classical music and dance, entertaining musicals and unique exhibitions make up for the cultural flow that is well worth immersing in. The word "flow" means more than just a simple motion: it applies to the state of happiness that is hardly attainable without a little help from the arts. If you are looking for rare classical opera or experimental music theatre, if special jazz concerts or musicals are your thing, if you are interested in showings by world-famous artists or wish to be immersed in the past at an exhibition, all you need to do is tune into Budapest's cultural flow, which resembles the flowing water of the Danube.


Thursday, 4 October R. Strauss: Die schweigsame Frau (Kocsis 60)

Saturday, 6 October R. Strauss: Die schweigsame Frau (Kocsis 60)

A bucolic tragedy in one act – as Richard Strauss noted on the score of his new work, which premiered in Dresden in October 1938, and the local paper greeted the 71 year old master's piece with the headline ‘A Unique Miracle of Music'. Be that as it may, the libretto was no easy feat. Strauss started composing ‘The Silent Woman' together with Stefan Zweig, but the writer was blacklisted because of race laws, so he suggested that Joseph Gregor, a theatre historian from Vienna, take his place, and who went on to suggest the story of Daphne and Apollo to Strauss. Their cooperation, however, started quite ominously, as the composer declared Gregor's text to be a poor imitation of Homer's jargon, talked about ‘banalities of world view', and only accepted the third version of the libretto. The intention was to stage it with another single act piece, Friedenstag, but this had to be cancelled as Daphne's music kept on getting longer. Strauss dedicated his new work to Austrian conductor Karl Böhm, who in turn conducted the premier. Close to seventy years after it was last staged at the Opera House in Budapest, the piece was first presented in Hungary at the Miskolc Opera Festival in 2010.

Tickets: 9900 HUFINFO: Palace of Arts



Take a Highlights Tour at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

Don't miss one of the most significant collections of European Art between Vienna and St. Petersburg! Enjoy a one-hour overview of the Museum's treasures with our art historians. On display are splendid paintings by Raphael, El Greco, Velázquez, Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Goya, Manet, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne and Chagall among many others.
Heroes' Square, Budapest
Open: Tues-Sun 10 am-5.30 pm

Tickets: HUF 1800INFO: Museum of Fine Arts



Friday-Sunday 4-6 October
Mary Poppins by Disney and Cameron Mackintosh

The musical, which is based on P. L. Travers' stories of the magic nanny and has received many awards since its 2004 debut, is coming to the stage of the Madách Theatre in June, 2012. The secret to its success is the inimitable charm that transforms everyday events into a world of fairy tales both for adults and children, with the help of catchy well-known tunes, superb dance numbers and, of course, innumerable special effects and meticulous stage craft.

Tickets: HUF 6200INFO: Madách Theatre



The Collection of the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Arts

The Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Arts is an institution that looks back on a history of two decades, and collects, safekeeps as well as displays works of art created from the sixties until today. The select and dynamically developing collection is based on the 1989 donation of the Ludwig couple, and its Central-Eastern European character is its specialty, i.e. the fact that it puts the spotlight on artistic performance from the past half century in a region with a peculiar historical and cultural context.

Combined admission: HUF 1800 / person
Combined admission to the highlighted exhibition (Robert Mapplethorpe) HUF 2200/person
Guided tours by preliminary arrangement: exclusive guided tours in English, German, French, Italian up to 10 persons: HUF 6000
Above 10 persons: HUF 600 / person
INFO: Ludwig Museum



Be Surrounded By A Thousand Years of History

You can immerse yourself in the thousand year history of the Magyars in Hungary's grandest classicist palace. There are twenty richly appointed exhibition rooms where you can see the Byzantine Monomachos crown, Sigmund of Luxembourg's finely decorated bone saddles, the clavichord Mozart took on the road, Beethoven and Liszt's piano, Sissy's dress and the tear the fatal knife stab left on it, and one of the mournful mementos of the 20th century – a piece of the ‘iron curtain' from the border between East and West.

Admission, including guided tour: HUF 2700 / personINFO: Hungarian National Museum



Evenings at the Dance Theatre in the Heart of Buda's Castle District

Castle Theatre is not only a World Heritage site but also a venue for all kinds of dance from folk dance to modern dance to tango, offering something for everyone in a wide palette of shows.

The Castle Theatre building is the only one of its kind built in the 18th Century in Hungary that is still used as an art venue. The former Carmelite Monastery was converted into a theatre and casino at the request of Joseph II. The works were carried out to the plans of Wolfgang von Kempelen, the designer of chess-playing automaton ‘The Turk'.

Before the show starts, visitors can take part in a rare walk behind the scenes, where they are introduced to the history of this old building.

(Subject to minimum attendance of 10)

Admission: free with a ticket to a performance, HUF 1,500 otherwise.INFO: National Dance Theatre



Thursday, 4 October
Honvéd Dance Company: The Empire

In this show, Honvéd Dance Company introduces the colourful traditions, virtuoso dances, rich ethnic clothes, and wealth of folklore treasures of the peoples of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, with counterpoints from the lives and balls of contemporary aristocracy.

Tickets: HUF 6000INFO: National Dance Theatre