Budapest Culture Port

The cultural life of Budapest is extremely rich, however, at the same time also complex and incoherent. This cultural wealth and complexity was what drove the Palace of Arts to strike up a cooperation with some of the city's most significant cultural institutions and attempt the impossible.

It will try to organise this enchantingly chaotic spiritual organism operated by Budapest's artistic circulatory system. The foremost cultural institutions of the country organised and compiled their programmes according to three themes, from classical music concerts through opera and musical performances to contemporary dance productions and art exhibitions. The Hungarian Spirit "package" contains cultural delicacies that highlight the traditional Hungarian flavours we have contributed to the table of European culture. The Budapest Now programme series collects concerts, theatre performances and exhibitions that present the 21st century image of the Hungarian capital: Budapest, the cultural metropolis. Events that fall into the Culture Flow category focus on the experiences themselves. If you are looking for rare classical opera or experimental music theatre, if special jazz concerts or musicals are your thing, if you are interested in exhibitions by world-famous artists or wish to be immersed in the past at other exhibitions, all you need to do is tune into Budapest's cultural flow, which resembles the flowing water of the Danube. This initiative of the Palace of Arts provides a unique opportunity to utilise the driving force of cooperation and collaboration to present Hungary to the world and to itself in a manner worthy of its cultural wealth and diversity.

Cooperating institutions: the Hungarian State Opera, the Madách Theatre, the Academy of Music, the National Dance Theatre, the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum and the Ludwig Museum.