World's Toughest Lumberjack Competition in Budapest

On the 17th May, an unusual competition for international audiences will be filmed in Budapetst. Eight finalists from different countries will compete in a knock-out competition of 4 wood-chopping disciplines to win the title of "World's Toughest Lumberjack." This will all take place in the Buda Castle, in Budapest, Hungary

Lumberjacks, the rough and rugged tree-cutters are not only to be found in Canada. Dozens of countries all over the world have huge forests, some of them renewable and therefore wealthy timber industries, which need hard men and even harder tools to go and chop them down for lumber. The tool company Stihl (who surprisingly enough, happen to make saws and axes) have sponsored this event, under the banner of STS (Stihl Timber Sports) to seperate the supermen from the mere men.

Here is a video to give you an idea of perhaps the toughest event, the springboard chop


The competition:

The Competition is made up of 4 events or disciplines, which have to be carried out one after the other with hardly any time to recover:

1. Stihl Stock saw (cutting slices, called cookies from a 40cm diameter tree trunk, lying horizontally, with a chainsaw.)

2. Underhand block chop ( Contestants stand on  the 32cm diameter block they are chopping with an Axe.)

3. Single Buck (Contestants race to saw right through a 19cm block of white pine with a huge one-man cross-cut saw)

4. Standing block chop (seen here) ehere even a thousandth of a second difference can win the game.


The top-class set of 8 contestants on 17 May is based on the 2013 World Championship ranking:

World Champion Brad DeLosa (Australia)
Matthew Cogar (USA)
Martin Komárek (Czech Republic)
Jason Wynyard (New Zealand)
Mitch Hewitt (Canada)
Daniel Vicente (Spain)
Krystian Kaczmarek (Poland)
István Juhász (Hungary) 

Local hero Juhász was all fired up for the event already: "The Champions Trophy is the world's hardest lumber sport competition. It will be incredibly difficult to hold my own there against the very best athletes in the world. But I'm on home ground and I'll give it my all!"

This event, the fourth time it has been run, will take place in the courtyard of the Buda Castle in Budapest, so come and cheer him on! If you cannot make it to the beautiful Buda Castle, do be sure to tune in to the live stream instead!