Borkonyha or Winekitchen wins Michelin Star

Winekitchen, a relatively young Budapest restaurant, has recently shot to great renown when it received a coveted Michelin star. It is only the third restaurant in the country to win such acclaim, after Costes and Onyx.

It has been reviewed by dozens of food critics and publications, including the New York Times and is normally lauded for its varied menu (which changes so often they need to keep it on a blackboard), excellent quality and preparation of the dishes and especially its excellent wines. Indeed, wine has played an important role in bringing together the two owners Tamás Horváth and Zoltán Kalocsai; Tamás was the head waiter and Zoltán the sommelier at the same restaurant, Magnaskért, some 20 years ago.

The pair still stock more than 200 wines, mostly Hungarian and quite a few from truly unknown cellars. 48 different wines can be bought by the glass and the art of recommending the best wines to go with the meal helps bring the staff close to the guests. The owners pride themselves on having built a devoted following and knowing their customers well. Borkonyha is translated as "wine kitchen" and the owners still regard it as something a little different from a classical restaurant, perhaps a wine-centric bistro-style eatery with a fantastic range of Hungarian dishes with heavy French influences.

Whatever you call it, this unusual place has certainly gone down well with the experts and the Michelin star will help to draw in an even wider crowd to squeeze into the kitchen!