Great Restaurant Day 2013

It is the day, when you can eat and drink in a lot of restaurants in Hungary for a 50% off the price. Is it really possible? Yes, but since there's only one such a day in a year, we help you to be well-prepared!

Great Restaurant Day (Torkos Csütörtök) 31st of January 2013, Thursday

What is Great Restaurant Day?
In Hungarian it's called „Torkos Csütörtök", (pr. torr-kosh tshut-or-tok) (the day of Fat Thursday). ‘Torkos' means one who loves to eat and ‘csütörtök' is for Thursday. The event itself comes from a folk tradition. The day of Epiphany starts with Fabulous Monday, then comes Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and then Fat Thursday, the day, dedicated to eating. The tradition revived when Hungarian Tourism Plc. announced Great Restaurant Day, called all restaurants in the country to join,  and asked them to offer a 50% discount from the final price to each guest. You can imagine how busy this day is for restaurants!

Why people love this day?
Mainly for the great discount, but there are other advantages. It's a perfect opportunity to try out expensive restaurants, taste specialities, extraordinary dishes, order fancy desserts, higher quality wines, and pálinkas that on an ordinary day don't fit to your budget. Places are crowded but it's something we must appreciate.  You can enjoy what restaurants are about for centuries. Waiters running around, good smell of food, exclusive ambience, food and drinks different from what you have on weekdays, friends and families chatting and enjoying each other's company all around the place.

How can I get involved?
All you need to do is to call the restaurant you wish to visit, and ask whether they have joined Great Restaurant Day or not. If they have, reserve a table quickly! Enjoy your meal and drinks and the 50%-off when the bill comes.

Tell me more!
The tradition of Torkos Csütörtök started in 2006, and immediately became very popular. Last year 160,000 guests visited more than 1,000 participating restaurants. The record year was 2010, when 230,000 guests dined out in more than 1,300 restaurants nationwide.

Is the tip 50% less too?
Tip in Hungarian restaurants is usually 10% of the total, but if the invoice contains ‘Service charge' you can give less. In case you are really satisfied with both the chef and the service, you can give more as compliment.

Don't hesitate! Find your restaurant and ask about Torkos Csütörtök then reserve a table in time!

Here's a list of the best Traditional Hungarian-style restaurants in Budapest! (Please note, that appearing on this list doesn't mean these places are automatically participating in Great Restaurant Day)

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