Earth energy

Let's get energized! There are many energy lines of the Earth in Hungary. find out where they are, and how to use this power to ease yourself.

Lenti (a small town on the Slovenian-Hungarian border) was built in the intersection of three energy lines of the Earth. Ancient civilizations built their most sacred buildings along St George lines (or dragon currents in eastern cultures), and now St George Energy Park follows the example of Stonehenge, Macchu Picchu and the pyramids of Egypt. Conveniently enough, the Energy Park is situated in the park of the Lenti Thermal Spa, so after soaking in the healing waters, you can take a stroll and soak up the positive vibes. The beneficial radiations stimulate the natural healing process of your body, calm your nerves and refill your batteries.

For the spiritually inclined, there's one place in the Danube Bend that beats all the natural beauty and historical sights of anything else in the area. Legend has it that the Earth's heart chakra (aka the beating heart of the planet) is located in the Pilis hills, near the popular peak of Dobogókő (aptly named Beating Rock). Whether you'll feel the special vibes and get filled up with the Earth's energy or simply feel good, a hike to Dobogókő is the highlight of a trip to the Danube Bend.